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Название: Memory Thinking for C & C++ Windows Diagnostics
Автор: Dmitry Vostokov, Software Diagnostics Services
Издательство: OpenTask
Год: 2023
Страниц: 251
Язык: английский
Формат: pdf (true)
Размер: 10.2 MB

Solid C and C++ knowledge is a must to fully understand Windows diagnostic artifacts such as memory dumps and do diagnostic, forensic, and root cause analysis beyond listing stack traces, DLL, and driver information. This full-color reference book is a part of the Accelerated C & C++ for Windows Diagnostics training course. Solid C and C++ knowledge is a must to fully understand Windows diagnostic artifacts such as memory dumps and do diagnostic, forensic, and root cause analysis beyond listing stack traces, DLL, and driver information. This full-color reference book is a part of the Accelerated C & C++ for Windows Diagnostics training course organized by Software Diagnostics Services. The text contains slides, brief notes highlighting particular points, and replicated source code fragments that are easy to copy into your favorite IDE. To get most of this training, you are expected to have basic development experience in a programming language other than C or C++ and optional basic memory dump analysis experience. I also included the necessary x64 review for some topics. Our primary goal is to learn C and C++ and its internals in an accelerated fashion. First, we review common C and C++ fundamentals necessary for software diagnostics.
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Название: Artificial Intelligence in Business Management
Автор: Teik Toe Teoh, Yu Jin Goh
Издательство: Springer
Серия: Machine Learning: Foundations, Methodologies, and Applications
Год: 2023
Страниц: 385
Язык: английский
Формат: pdf (true)
Размер: 10.8 MB

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is rapidly gaining significance in the business world. With more and more organizations adopt AI technologies, there is a growing demand for business leaders, managers, and practitioners who can harness AI’s potential to improve operations, increase efficiency, and drive innovation. This book aims to help management professionals exploit the predictive powers of AI and demonstrate to AI practitioners how to apply their expertise in fundamental business operations. As AI becomes an increasingly important tool in the business world, this book offers valuable insights into how it can be applied to various industries and business settings. Through this book, readers will gain a better understanding of how AI can be applied to improve business management practices and practical guidance on how to implement AI projects in a business context. This book also provides practical guides on how to implement AI projects in a business context using Python programming. By reading this book, readers will be better equipped to make informed decisions about how to leverage AI for business success. Part I of the book aims to help readers build up their knowledge of common Artificial Intelligence algorithms, through the explanations of various algorithms and simple Python examples provided. On the other hand, Part II highlights different problems faced by business management professionals across core business functions and illustrates how Artificial Intelligence could be utilized to alleviate them.
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Название: The Rational software Engineer: Strategies for a Fulfilling Career in Tech
Автор: Mykyta Chernenko
Издательство: Apress
Год: 2023
Страниц: 232
Язык: английский
Формат: pdf
Размер: 24.0 MB

This book will serve as a framework for you as a software engineer seeking a fulfilling career and wishing to stay passionate and maintain a healthy mental state. It is filled with protocols to achieve effective life-long learning, navigate career development, adapt to changes, maintain work-life balance, and have a healthy lifestyle. As a successful software engineer you tend to focus on improving your technical skills: learning a new programming language, mastering another tool, or using a library. But you also need to build a solid mental framework that will help you navigate your professional development. You need to develop the skills that will help you be a happy software engineer. The typical reader of this book is a software engineer who is highly skilled in technical areas but may feel frustrated, unmotivated, or unhappy in their current position and looking for a way to navigate their professional development and find a healthy work-life balance. The book also will appeal to audiences of other IT or tech professionals, such as project managers, product owners, or designers, who work closely with software engineers and want to understand the challenges they face in their roles.
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Название: Natural Language Processing for Beginners: Demystifying Language in the Digital Age
Автор: Rayan Murray
Издательство: Independently published
Год: 2023
Страниц: 176
Язык: английский
Формат: pdf
Размер: 19.5 MB

Embark on a journey into the fascinating realm of Natural Language Processing for Beginners a comprehensive guide designed for beginners eager to explore the intersection of language and technology. In this user-friendly book, we demystify the complexities of NLP, breaking down intricate concepts into digestible, step-by-step explanations. Starting with the basics of language structure, readers will gain a solid foundation before delving into the historical evolution of NLP and its pivotal role in today's technological landscape. Practical and hands-on, the book equips readers with the essential tools, programming languages, and libraries needed to begin their NLP journey, including insights into popular languages like Python and key libraries such as NLTK and SpaCy. "Natural Language Processing for Beginners" goes beyond theory, guiding readers through the practical aspects of text preprocessing, introducing NLP fundamentals like Named Entity Recognition and Part-of-Speech tagging, and showcasing the integration of machine learning in NLP applications. With a focus on accessibility, the book takes readers through the process of building their first NLP model, providing a tangible and rewarding learning experience. Whether you're a student, a developer, or simply curious about the world of NLP, this book is your key to unlocking the potential of language processing.
Разместил: literator 28-11-2023, 13:31 | Комментарии: 0 | Подробнее
Название: Machine Learning in Python for Everyone
Автор: Jonathan Wayne Korn
Издательство: Independently published
Год: 2023
Страниц: 520
Язык: английский
Формат: pdf
Размер: 35.5 MB

"Machine Learning in Python for Everyone" is your comprehensive guide to mastering Machine Learning with the Python programming language. Whether you're a novice looking to embark on your Data Science journey or an experienced practitioner aiming to refine your skills, this book provides a structured and hands-on approach to understanding and implementing Machine Learning concepts. Starting with the fundamentals, the book introduces you to Machine Learning algorithms, data manipulation, and analysis tools in Python. Through practical examples, you'll learn to collect, preprocess, and explore data, gaining insights into data-driven decision-making. The book covers regression, classification, and time series forecasting, equipping you with the knowledge to build predictive models effectively. You'll delve into model evaluation techniques, feature engineering, and model interpretation, ensuring you can not only create models but also optimize their performance. By the end of the book, you'll be proficient in various Machine Learning algorithms and visualization techniques, ready to tackle real-world challenges with confidence. "Machine Learning in Python for Everyone" is your gateway to unleashing the power of Machine Learning for practical applications in Python.
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Название: Modern Web Applications with Next.JS: Learn Advanced Techniques to Build and Deploy Modern, Scalable and Production Ready React Applications with Next.JS
Автор: Shubham Jain, Mathew Dony Chittezhath
Издательство: Orange Education Pvt Ltd, AVA
Год: November 2023
Страниц: 400
Язык: английский
Формат: epub (true)
Размер: 10.2 MB

This practical handbook takes you on a journey from foundational principles to advanced techniques, offering a complete exploration of Next.js, the cutting-edge framework for building performant and dynamic web applications. Beginning with an introductory overview of web applications utilizing Next.js and jаvascript, the book reintroduces React to ensure a strong footing in the core concepts. It then delves into the fundamentals of Next.js, providing insights into the latest version's core advancements and optimizations. It will help you explore the intricacies of Next.js applications, including an in-depth look at optimizing performance. It will then move on to demystify routing in Next.js, mastering state management, and implementing RESTful and GraphQL APIs. By the end of it, you will understand the usage of diverse databases and discover the significance of client-side and server-side rendering in Next.js applications. This book caters to the needs of developers operating at an intermediate to advanced level in web development and software engineering. Proficiency in jаvascript and a solid grasp of React fundamentals are recommended prerequisites for an optimal learning experience.
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Название: Cloud Native Development with Google Cloud: Building Applications at Speed and Scale
Автор: Daniel Vaughan
Издательство: O’Reilly Media, Inc.
Год: 2024
Страниц: 267
Язык: английский
Формат: pdf (true), epub (true)
Размер: 10.1 MB

Cloud native development gives you the power to rapidly build, secure, and scale software. But you still need to navigate many potential pitfalls along the way. Through practical examples, this book demonstrates how to use Google Cloud as a laboratory to enable rapid innovation, a factory to automate build and testing, and a citadel to operate applications at scale securely. Author Daniel Vaughan shows you how to take applications from prototype to production by combining Google Cloud services, a cloud native programming model, and best practices. By following an example project from start to finish, developers, architects, and engineering managers working with the Google Cloud Platform will learn how to build and run cloud native applications on Google Cloud with confidence. This guide is for software developers and architects who are either newcomers to cloud computing or already on their cloud journey and want a deeper understanding of Google Cloud. While Google offers numerous professional certifications for its cloud platform, they can be rather theoretical. This book bridges that gap, offering a holistic view of Google Cloud services and how they come together to create a powerful toolkit for cloud native application development.
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Название: Alteryx Designer: The Definitive Guide: Simplify and Automate Your Analytics (Final)
Автор: Joshua Burkhow
Издательство: O’Reilly Media, Inc.
Год: 2024
Страниц: 529
Язык: английский
Формат: pdf (true), epub (true)
Размер: 43.9 MB, 44.9 MB

Analytics projects are frequently long, drawn-out affairs, requiring multiple teams and skills to clean, join, and eventually turn data into analysis for timely decision-making. Alteryx Designer changes all of that. With this low-code, self-service, drag-and-drop workflow platform, new and experienced data and business analysts can deliver results in hours instead of weeks. This practical book shows you how to master all areas of Alteryx Designer quickly. Author and Alteryx ACE Joshua Burkhow starts with the basics of building a workflow, then introduces more than 200 tools for working with intermediate and advanced analytics functionality. With Alteryx Designer's all-in-one toolkit, you'll migrate from legacy analytics software or Excel with ease.
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Название: The Python Audio Cookbook: Recipes for Audio Scripting with Python
Автор: Alexandros Drymonitis
Издательство: Focal Press
Год: 2024
ISBN: 978-1-003-38696-4
Страниц: 318
Формат: PDF
Размер: 6 Mб
Язык: English

The Python Audio Cookbook offers an introduction to Python for sound and multimedia applications, with chapters that cover writing your first Python programs, controlling Pyo with physical computing, and writing your own GUI, among many other topics.
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Название: Современный C++: безопасное использование
Автор: Джон Лакос, Витторио Ромео, Ростислав Хлебников, Алисдар Мередит
Издательство: ДМК Пресс
Год: 2022 (2023)
Страниц: 1044
Язык: русский
Формат: pdf
Размер: 19.6 MB

Современный C++ предлагает многое – как хорошее, так и плохое. Многие из его новых функций открывают перспективу повышения производительности, выразительности, удобства сопровождения и т. д. С другой стороны, многие из этих функциональных возможностей таят в себе потенциальные ловушки – некоторые очевидны, другие менее очевидны. С каждой новой версией C++ – теперь уже раз в три года – язык постоянно расширяется, соответственно, расширяются и возможности для некорректного использования его функциональности из-за недостатка знаний и опыта. Использование новых функций и без того сложного языка программирования, такого как C++, с которым многие разработчики могут быть не вполне знакомы, создает особую категорию риска. Эта книга обобщает многолетний опыт сообщества C++ в применении функций C++11 и C++14 и поможет вам принимать эффективные и безопасные проектные решения, отражающие реальные экономические инженерные компромиссы в крупномасштабных и разнообразных средах разработки программного обеспечения. Авторы используют примеры, взятые из реальных баз кода, чтобы объективно проиллюстрировать каждый вывод и осветить ключевые проблемы. В каждой функции указаны разумные варианты использования, скрытые подводные камни и недостатки этой языковой функции.
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