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Название: Make: The Complete Guide to Tinkercad: 17 Projects to Start Designing and Printing in the 3D World
Автор: Lydia Sloan Cline
Издательство: Make Community, LLC
Год: 2024
Страниц: 234
Язык: английский
Формат: pdf (true)
Размер: 114.2 MB

Make: The Complete Guide to Tinkercad embraces the concept of "learn by doing," using 17 fun projects to transform the reader from a novice into a creator of video assets and objects ready for 3D printing. This comprehensive manual teaches the intricacies of the Tinkercad interface, how to model sophisticated objects, and use AI as a tool to solve design challenges. Projects include designing useful and amusing objects such as jewelry, toys, and practical household items. This is not a mere collection of generic online tutorials, but a comprehensive learning experience that will empower the reader to turn their ideas into a physical reality.
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Название: Power Management Integrated Circuits: Architecture, Design and Implementation
Автор: Amit Patra, Shailendra Baranwal, Ashis Maity, Samiran Dam
Издательство: CRC Press
Год: 2025
Страниц: 400
Язык: английский
Формат: pdf (true)
Размер: 51.5 MB

This book intends to be a comprehensive text on the topic of integrated circuits for power management, putting together both theoretical foundations and practical details, leading to successful design practices in research and industry. It covers all the three main categories of power management circuits, viz., linear regulators, inductor-based switchers and switched-capacitor circuits, and presents detailed discussion of their common topologies, operation and modeling. Features: - Includes underlying theory and design/implementation practical ingredients for power management integrated circuits (PMICs); - Provides in-depth analysis of topologies and circuits related to linear regulators, switched-capacitor converters and inductor-based converters; - Covers all the relevant topics at the intersection between power electronics and integrated circuit design areas; - Provides guidelines for design of circuits and solutions for all the pertinent topologies; - Indicates all important issues and the related trade-offs in the design of PMICs. The book will be a valuable resource for senior- and graduate-level students as well as industry professionals who have done university-level courses on analog circuit design, control systems and power electronics.
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Название: Advanced Nanoscale MOSFET Architectures: Current Trends and Future Perspectives
Автор: Kalyan Biswas, Angsuman Sarkar
Издательство: Wiley-IEEE Press
Год: 2024
Страниц: 328
Язык: английский
Формат: pdf (true), epub (true)
Размер: 31.2 MB

Comprehensive reference on the fundamental principles and basic physics dictating metal–oxide–semiconductor field-effect transistor (MOSFET) operation. Advanced Nanoscale MOSFET Architectures provides an in-depth review of modern metal–oxide–semiconductor field-effect transistor (MOSFET) device technologies and advancements, with information on their operation, various architectures, fabrication, materials, modeling and simulation methods, circuit applications, and other aspects related to nanoscale MOSFET technology. The text begins with an introduction to the foundational technology before moving on to describe challenges associated with the scaling of nanoscale devices. Other topics covered include device physics and operation, strain engineering for highly scaled MOSFETs, tunnel FET, graphene based field effect transistors, and more. The text also compares silicon bulk and devices, nanosheet transistors and introduces low-power circuit design using advanced MOSFETs.
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Название: Programming PIC Microcontrollers with XC8. Second Edition
Автор: Armstrong Subero
Издательство: Apress
Год: 2024
Страниц: 591
ISBN: 979-8-8688-0467-0
Язык: Английский
Формат: PDF
Размер: 6 Mб

Are you tired of copying and pasting code into your embedded projects? Do you want to write your own code from scratch for microcontrollers and understand what your code is doing without all the frills and math? This book uses a practical approach to show you how to develop embedded systems with 8-bit PIC microcontrollers using the XC8 compiler.
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Название: Differential Antennas: Theory and Practice
Автор: Yueping Zhang
Издательство: Wiley-IEEE Press
Год: 2024
Страниц: 355
Язык: английский
Формат: pdf (true), epub
Размер: 36.7 MB

A comprehensive introduction to the theory and practice of differential antennas. The first antennas ever created were differential antennas, in the dipole and loop constructions, before the subsequent creation of the single-ended or monopole antenna. Dozens of basic antenna configurations have been invented since then, the majority of them differential. The theory and design of differential antennas therefore has an impact on a huge range of fields which make use of electromagnetic waves. Differential Antennas contains a thorough, comprehensive overview of these antennas, their theory, and their practical applications. It details the relationship between differential and single-ended antennas, which may act as tools for determining the properties of one when the other is known. This book offers an analysis of the role differential antennas play in wireless communication and sensing. Overall, it stands as an essential contribution to a key area of communications technology. Differential Antennas is ideal for senior and graduate level students, researchers, and radio frequency engineers.
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Название: Analog Devices and Circuits 2: Analog Circuits
Автор: Christian Gontrand
Издательство: Wiley-ISTE
Год: 2024
Страниц: 266
Язык: английский
Формат: pdf (true)
Размер: 17.8 MB

At the end of the Second World War, a new technological trend was born: integrated electronics. This trend relied on the enormous rise of integrable electronic devices. Analog Devices and Circuits is composed of two volumes: the first deals with analog components, and the second with associated analog circuits. The goal here is not to create an overly comprehensive analysis, but rather to break it down into smaller sections, thus highlighting the complexity and breadth of the field. The second volume deals with the circuits that "use" the analog components that were introduced in Volume 1. Here, a particular emphasis is placed on the main circuit: the operational amplifier. SPICE (Simulation Program with Integrated Circuit Emphasis) is the standard for simulating analog circuits. Anyone who does not know this does not belong to the fraternity of electronic circuit analogists. SPICE is therefore the essential software for studying analog circuits. The Chapter 2 investigates substrate coupling effects in mixed integrated circuits, particularly perturbations on radiofrequency (RF) blocks. The design and analysis of fully integrated voltage-controlled oscillators (VCOs) is one of the key points of RF analysis. First, sensitivity functions at the oscillation frequency of the control voltage, the bias current and parasitic sidebands due to the injected noise are extracted to discover a relationship between the noise of the substrate and the purity of the spectrum. At the heart of the section, we try to develop quantitative predictions on the phase noise of these oscillators and give new leads in this field.
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Название: The Art of Analog Layout, 3rd Edition
Автор: Alan Hastings
Издательство: Pearson
Год: 2024
Страниц: 1568
Язык: английский
Формат: pdf
Размер: 68.6 MB

The Art of Analog Layout covers the issues involved in successfully laying out analog integrated circuits. It provides clear guidance and presents the material in an easy-to-understand way, without compromising detail or overwhelming you with theoretical physics or mathematical analysis of layouts. Emphasis is placed on the cross-sections of devices and carrier-based models of device operation as compared to the more common geometric and schematic representation of devices. The 3rd Edition is entirely rewritten to reflect changes in the field, including a new chapter on layout and new content on failure mechanisms, resistors, capacitors and inductors, bipolar transistors and their applications, the MOS transistor and more.
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Raspberry Pi For Beginners - 19th Edition 2024Название: Raspberry Pi For Beginners - 19th Edition 2024
Автор: Papercut Limited
Издательство: Papercut Limited
Год выхода: 2024
Страниц: 66
Формат: PDF
Размер: 51,3 MB
Язык: английский

С момента своего появления Raspberry Pi покорил весь мир. Он придал столь необходимый импульс учащимся в классе, помогая им преодолеть страх перед программированием и кодированием, а взрослым помог создать несколько уникальных малых и масштабных проектов, которые привели в восторг все сообщество. Эта книга идеально подходит для всех, кто хочет узнать, что делает карманный компьютер таким уникальным и как он работает, а также сделать первые шаги в мир Scratch и программирования на Python. В книгу входят: Основы - Узнайте, как настроить ваш Raspberry Pi и устанавливать на него новейшие ОС. Проекты -черпайте вдохновение и научитесь создавать свои собственные. Программирование - изучите и освойте основы Scratch и Python. Устранение неполадок и Глоссарий - Поиск и устранение неисправностей аппаратного и программного обеспечения, ответы на часто задаваемые вопросы и глоссарий терминов.
Разместил: magnum 21-07-2024, 19:31 | Комментарии: 0 | Подробнее
Название: Arduino Software Internals: A Complete Guide to How Your Arduino Language and Hardware Work Together, 2nd Edition
Автор: Norman Dunbar
Издательство: Apress
Год: 2024
Страниц: 393
Язык: английский
Формат: pdf (true), epub (true)
Размер: 18.9 MB

"It's not enough to just build your Arduino projects; it's time to actually learn how things work!" This book goes beyond the basics, providing a comprehensive understanding of Arduino software and hardware, as well as how they intertwine. Gain valuable insights into the inner workings of Arduino and its language, and discover how to communicate with the microcontroller in its native language, AVR C++. Explore the latest version (0.30.0) which offers a multitude of configuration options that can be conveniently modified using the command-line interface (CLI). The Arduino is a great system for getting people into making with electronics and microcontrollers. The Arduino was designed for ease of use, and to this end, the software and the “Arduino Language” hides an awful lot from the maker and developer. Hopefully, by the time you have finished reading this book, you will understand more about what it does and why and, when necessary, how you can bypass the Arduino Language (it’s just C or C++ after all) and use the bare-metal AVR-specific C or C++ code instead. Doing this can lead to more space for your code, faster execution, and lower power requirements—some projects can be run for months on a couple of batteries. This book welcomes everyone with an interest in learning about Arduino, regardless of expertise. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced Maker, "Arduino Software Internals" equips you with the knowledge to truly comprehend and leverage the power of Arduino.
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Название: Embedded Devices and Internet of Things: Technologies, and Applications
Автор: Adesh Kumar, Surajit Mondal, Gaurav Verma, Prashant Mani
Издательство: CRC Press
Год: 2025
Страниц: 361
Язык: английский
Формат: pdf (true)
Размер: 17.9 MB

The text comprehensively discusses machine-to-machine communication in real-time, low-power system design and estimation using field programmable gate arrays, PID, hardware, accelerators, and software integration for service applications. It further covers the recent advances in embedded computing and IoT for healthcare systems. The text explains the use of low-power devices such as microcontrollers in executing deep neural networks, and other machine learning techniques. Field programmable gate arrays (FPGAs) are programmable devices that are utilized by end users to create digital circuits. Configurable logic blocks (CLBs), also known as FPGA building blocks, are arranged in a two-dimensional array and linked to one another via a routing network. The communication-oriented structure supporting multiple resources and their networks on a single chip is known as NoC communication architecture. The NoC offers a solution that enables the resources to function independently as building blocks and as components of a specific network. Reconfigurable computing is an architecture that arranges highly flexible computing hardware and software components on processing platforms like FPGAs. It is primarily written for senior undergraduates, graduate students, and academic researchers in the fields of electrical engineering, electronics and communications engineering, and computer engineering.
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