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Название: Основы градостроительства и планировки населенных мест. Учебное пособие.
Автор: Ковалев Н.С., Садыгов Э.А., Гладнев В.В., Саприн С.В., Барышникова О.С.
Издательство: Воронеж: ФГБОУ ВО Воронежский ГАУ
Год: 2015
Формат: pdf
Страниц: 363
Размер: 75,23 МБ
Язык: русский

В пособии рассматриваются теоретические и практические вопросы территориального планирования, градостроительства и планировки городских и сельских населенных мест.
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Название: House Goals: Design with Architects Transform Your Home
Автор: Ruth Slavid
Издательство: RIBA Publishing
Год: 2022
Формат: PDF
Размер: 80 Мб
Язык: английский / English

What would you do if you could reinvent your home? A link to the garden, to bring nature closer. A re-thought layout, that complements your lifestyle. A greener home, for a sustainable future (and lower energy bills). More space. Better space. You probably know what is wrong with your house, but do you really know what would improve it? Architects do. Even better, they can design a home that works for you, with ideas and solutions that you may not yet have considered. This stunningly illustrated book showcases the best examples of what can be achieved when homeowners collaborate with RIBA-certified architects to realise their House Goals. Sorted by motivation, it breaks down how architects can address these universal problems in unique, bespoke ways that suit their clients, while providing inspiration for your own home. Crucially, House Goals fully explains the process of working with architects – from first contact to completion – to ensure you know exactly what you’re getting into, and how to make the most of it.
Разместил: harun54 27-10-2022, 09:22 | Комментарии: 0 | Подробнее
Название: House Beautiful: Live Colorfully
Автор: Joanna Saltz
Издательство: Abrams
Год: 2022
Формат: EPUB
Размер: 54 Мб
Язык: английский / English

House Beautiful: Live Colorfully showcases a wide range of colorful homes, with an emphasis on spaces that have a distinctive “color point of view.” Maybe it’s how to pair multiple bright paints in one room, or how to build a palette from a prized textile or wallcovering—no color is off limits. In addition to super-pigmented lacquers and a rainbow of pastels, chapters also feature neutrals such as an all-wood interior and a home in creams and whites that still has tons of personality. Each of these homes are shown across multiple spreads that feature highlights from both the interiors and exteriors. Additionally, sidebars sprinkled throughout offer a wide array of tips for both the novice and expert interior designer, including smart paint pairings, how to read a room’s light before committing to a color, how to stencil paint onto a wall, and much more.
Разместил: harun54 25-10-2022, 09:17 | Комментарии: 0 | Подробнее
Название: Patina Modern: a Guide to Designing Warm, Timeless Interiors
Автор: Chris Mitchell, Pilar Guzman
Издательство: Artisan
Год: 2022
Формат: EPUB
Размер: 108 Мб
Язык: английский / English

A tastemaking couple shares their playbook for creating a home that’s both beautiful and comfortable. Chris Mitchell and Pilar Guzmán are design obsessives who both want the same thing: rooms that are spare yet warm, layered yet clean, current yet timeless. Rooms that never forget the real humans—with all their needs, hopes, emotions, aspirations, and even spills—who live in these spaces. Over the course of six ever more ambitious home renovations, they’ve cracked the code on how to achieve this. It’s a simple formula, one that lies in mixing modern design with timeworn materials—in particular, white oak, brass, and bridle leather, all three of which become richer, mellower, and burnished with patina as they age.
Разместил: harun54 25-10-2022, 09:01 | Комментарии: 0 | Подробнее
Название: The Joy of Decorating: Southern Style with Mrs. Howard
Автор: Phoebe Howard
Издательство: Stewart, Tabori and Chang
Год: 2012
Формат: PDF
Размер: 77 Мб
Язык: английский / English

Phoebe Howard, known affectionately as Mrs. Howard to her clients, has a penchant for creating stylish spaces, which has evolved into her own critically acclaimed brand of interior design. Mrs. Howard’s first book features several of her largest design projects and addresses the most common decorating issues and questions her clients and customers ask. The book’s design projects are organized by theme: Inviting, Inspiring, Timeless, Graceful, Tranquil, Casual, and Comfortable—all words that have been used to describe Mrs. Howard’s work and ones that illustrate the many different ways she strives to make her houses look and feel.
Разместил: harun54 24-10-2022, 09:02 | Комментарии: 0 | Подробнее
Название: Live Luxe: Insider Secrets to Fabulous Home Renovations
Автор: Shelley Ferguson
Издательство: Allen & Unwin
Год: 2022
Формат: EPUB
Размер: 145 Мб
Язык: английский / English

Both inspiring and practical, Live Luxe offers a step-by-step guide to designing, renovating, and styling your perfect home, by the co-host of The Block and interior designer, Shelley Ferguson. It features a comprehensive, room-by-room chapter on how renovate entranceways, living areas, kitchens, dining rooms, bathrooms, bedrooms, kids' rooms, outdoor rooms and laundries. Each room has a layout guide for different configurations. Live Luxe features seven beautifully renovated individual homes and spaces to give the reader the inspiration they need to tackle their own renovation.
Разместил: harun54 20-10-2022, 10:46 | Комментарии: 0 | Подробнее
Название: The Sustainable Home: Easy Ways to Live with Nature in Mind
Автор: Ida Magntorn
Издательство: Pavilion
Год: 2022
Формат: EPUB
Размер: 50 Мб
Язык: английский / English

Handy and inspirational tips and lists – how to reduce plastic consumption, clean with eco-friendly products and working with the seasons to bring the outdoors inside. A beautifully produced book on interiors with a focus on sustainability and wellbeing and creating a home with the environment in mind. Inspiration and tips for creating a sustainable home without compromising on style. In The Sustainable Home, interiors writer and photographer Ida Magntorn shows how to create a harmonious, beautiful and functional home that is sustainable in the long run. Taking inspiration from real homes, and following the motto reuse, reduce, recycle – Ida shares new ways to think when decorating – combining low environmental impact with individual style.
Разместил: harun54 15-10-2022, 11:23 | Комментарии: 0 | Подробнее
Название: MOOD: Interiors & Inspiration
Автор: Anne Hepfer
Издательство: Gibbs Smith
Год: 2022
Формат: EPUB
Размер: 145 Мб
Язык: английский / English

The luxury book of the season MOOD is a journey through exquisite interiors brilliantly designed to evoke seven key emotions―Happy, Relaxed, Energized, Cozy, Sexy, Tranquil, and Nostalgic. In Anne Hepfer’s world, a home is a complex reflection of who you are, and the people, places and ideas that matter most. For this, her first, book, the acclaimed designer explores the power of a stylish and soul-nourishing refuge of one’s own. Drawing inspiration from influences as wide-ranging as travel, music, food and drink, fashion, and nature, Hepfer shares her process and opens the doors to the masterful spaces she has crafted for both international clients and her own family. Filled with exuberant color and meditative reflections, MOOD is an ever-evolving journey through the seven key emotions a brilliantly designed home should evoke: happy, relaxed, energized, cozy, sexy, tranquil, and nostalgic.
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Название: Українські монастирі
Автор:Вечерський В. В.
Серия: Невідома Україна
Изд-во: К.: Наш час
Год: 2008
Формат: djvu
К-во стр.: 400: іл.
Размер: 86 Мб
Язык: українська

Книжка присвячена українським монастирям як прадавнім центрам духовності, культури, освіти нашого народу, а також як видатним архітектурним ансамблям, з якими пов’язана історія України та окремих її регіонів. Розповідається про основні правила заснування, будівництва та устрою християнських монастирів, про їх благодійницьку та культурну працю, про руйнування монастирських ансамблів за часів тоталітарного режиму у XX ст., про їх сьогоднішнє відродження. Більша частина обсягу книжки присвячена розповіді про основні, найвідоміші й найстародавніші монастирі всіх регіонів України і всіх конфесій
Разместил: Tetyanka_ 12-10-2022, 23:04 | Комментарии: 0 | Подробнее

Название: 21st Century Houses Riba Award-Winning Homes
Автор: Dominic Bradbury
Издательство: RIBA Publishing
ISBN: 1003325864
Год: 2022
Формат: PDF
Страниц: 336
Размер: 189,3 МБ
Язык: Английский

Many people dream of commissioning an architect to design their perfect home. It is a commitment that takes time and money, but having a bespoke space built around your specific needs, interests and desires can be life-changing. So, what makes an award-winning, 21st-century house? The Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) has been championing outstanding work for over 180 years, and the internationally recognised RIBA awards celebrate the very best in British architecture.

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