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Название: Performance Analysis of Cooperative Networking with Multi Channels
Автор: Praveen Kumar Devulapalli, Sushanth Babu Maganti, Pardhasaradhi Pokkunuri
Издательство: CRC Press
Год: 2025
Страниц: 123
Язык: английский
Формат: pdf (true)
Размер: 11.7 MB

This book covers wireless cooperative communication and advanced communication techniques for research scholars and post-graduate students.

First, in Chapter 1, we discuss cooperative communication by highlighting wireless channel impairments and addressing cooperative architecture gains. We offer a systematic guide to understanding fundamental principles and implementing valuable taxonomies. The literature review supports the need for a thorough investigation into existing cooperative protocols, and the proposal for a design for developing a cooperative communication model is presented in Chapter 2. Furthermore, the central hypothesis presented in the literature review indicates that meaningful results may be obtained by efficiently selecting relays with correct channel estimation. The rest of this book, which is characterized by its focus on how and when to select relays, will seek to address the lack of studies on successful relay selection in the form of a cooperative communication model under such channel conditions.

In Chapter 3, two sophisticated routing algorithms based on MACC and distance parameters are implemented to maximize the benefits of CR in a multi-​radio-​multi-​channel large-​scale wireless network. The combined throughput and transmission time of the proposed algorithms are similar to the IACR algorithm. The best relay node with the best channel capability is identified among candidate relay nodes by using nodes near to LOS between source and destination and away from the source node as a guide. The dynamic CA with high channel functionality is formulated at the access point using the global chart. According to the simulation, the proposed cooperative relay selection algorithm reduces propagation delay and average hop count by 27.5 and 32.5 percent, respectively. Chapter 4 proposes an energy-​efficient transmission scheme for large-​scale multi-​radio multi-​hop cell ad hoc networks to reduce energy usage. Better BER efficiency can be accomplished without increasing network power by introducing spatial multiplexing. The suggested EET scheme utilizes spatial multiplexing and dynamic power allocation to the nodes to achieve the target BER.


• This book will be the reference book for cooperative communication.
• It addresses the problems in small-scale cooperative communication.
• It presents cooperative routing algorithms for large-scale cooperative networks with the constraint of throughput and transmission time.
• It presents energy- efficient transmission approach by making use of multiple radio terminals.
• It presents adaptive routing algorithm for large-scale cooperative network under mobility environment.

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