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Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Professional Cloud Network Engineer Certification CompanionНазвание: Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Professional Cloud Network Engineer Certification Companion: Learn and Apply Network Design Concepts to Prepare for the Exam
Автор: Dario Cabianca
Издательство: Apress
Год: 2023
Страниц: 445
Язык: английский
Формат: pdf (true)
Размер: 47.4 MB

While many guides exist to help software engineers learn cloud networking design and architecture concepts, and even prepare for cloud network certifications on AWS and Azure, far fewer resources are available covering the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Professional Cloud Network Engineer certification exam. Well, look no further! This self-paced guide book is designed to help engineers learn cloud networking best practices on GCP, and prepare for the GCP Professional Cloud Network Engineer certification exam.

You will waste no time when you use this study companion. It lets you dive in and learn how GCP differs from other public cloud providers (AWS and Microsoft Azure). You will understand GCP's unique ability to allow virtual private clouds (VPCs) that span across multiple regions. You will know how to leverage GCP as a competitive advantage in the IT engineering community. Key concepts covered on the exam are called out and applied in each chapter of this book, giving you both practice and reinforcement, a far more effective learning tool than rote learning or similar approaches typically enlisted in exam preparation.

Enterprises are looking for developers with Google networking skills. Now is the time to skill up! This book shows you how to leverage GCP’s developer-focused, user-friendly approach to understand how the networking components enabling the popular 1B-user Google products (e.g., Gmail, Google Search, YouTube, Google Workspace (formerly G-Suite), Google Maps, Google Photos, and many others) work behind the scenes.

What You Will Learn:

In addition to preparing for the GCP Professional Cloud Network Engineer certification exam, you will learn how to:

Architect and design a virtual private cloud
Implement a virtual private cloud
Configure network services
Implement hybrid connectivity
Implement network security
Manage network operations
Optimize network resources

Who This Book Is For:
Software engineers (network, DevOps, SecOps, DataOps, engineers skilled with SDLC), software architects (solution, security, data, infrastructure, cloud, those skilled with TOGAF), and IT professionals. Prerequisites: While this study companion is intended to be self-contained, a basic knowledge of cloud computing along with hands-on experience with a minimum of two modern programming languages (Java, C#) is beneficial in order for readers to fully achieve the objectives of the book.


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