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Cross-Technology Coexistence Design for Wireless NetworksНазвание: Cross-Technology Coexistence Design for Wireless Networks
Автор: Junmei Yao, Kaishun Wu
Издательство: Springer
Серия: SpringerBriefs in Computer Science
Год: 2023
Язык: английский
Формат: pdf (true), epub
Размер: 10.8 MB

This book introduces readers to the fundamentals of the cross-technology coexistence problem in heterogeneous wireless networks. It also highlights a range of mechanisms designed to combat this problem and improve network performance, including protocol design, theoretical analysis, and experimental evaluation.

With the rapid growth of Internet of Things (IoT), it is becoming a common phenomenon that numerous devices with different wireless technologies share the same band. WiFi and ZigBee are the two most important wireless technologies in IoT. WiFi is used for wireless local area networks (WLAN), while its market has stable increase now and in the future. ZigBee plays an important role in providing low cost, low data rate, and low energy consumption characteristics for wireless sensor networks. The ZigBee market also increases steadily these years. The rapid deployment of these heterogeneous devices leads to severe cross-technology coexistence issues, such as the cross-technology interference (CTI) management and cross-technology communication (CTC). The CTI issue arises from the fact that the IoT devices access the wireless channel independently in a random way, they have a high probability to interfere with each other since the heterogeneous IoT devices are not coordinated efficiently. The CTC issue exists as the heterogenous devices need to transmit information directly to benefit some applications, such as enabling the WiFi AP to directly control the ZigBee devices deployed for smart home.

In this book, we design a series of mechanisms to combat the cross-technology coexistence problem in heterogeneous wireless networks. In particular, we introduce background of heterogeneous wireless technologies as well as the cross-technology coexistence problem in details and further review the related literature. We further present a framework to describe the protocol design in this book. According to the framework, we first present a heterogeneous signal identification method based on both signal feature extraction and deep learning approach; this is the basis for the following protocol design. Then we present two cross-technology interference management mechanisms through the time-domain and frequency-domain system design, to improve the network performance. We also present a cross-technology communication mechanism through symbol-level energy modulation to boost new applications in IoT scenarios. Finally, we discuss some possible research directions, such as coordinated mechanism design for interference management, sensing-assisted cross-technology coexistence design, and waveform design through payload encoding, to further improve the efficiency of cross-technology coexistence.

This book is intended for researchers, computer scientists, and engineers who are interested in the research areas of wireless networking, wireless communication, mobile computing, and Internet of Things. Advanced-level students studying these topics will benefit from the book as well.

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