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Design of Internet of Things

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Design of Internet of ThingsНазвание: Design of Internet of Things
Автор: Gunneswara VSSS Kalaga Rao
Издательство: CRC Press
Год: 2023
Страниц: 147
Язык: английский
Формат: pdf (true), epub
Размер: 28.0 MB

This book provides a comprehensive overview of the design aspects of the Internet of Things devices and covers the fundamentals of Big Data and Embedded Programming. Various changing technologies, like sensors, RFID, etc., that are promoting IoT solutions are discussed. The core technologies like GSM Communication, Machine to Machine (M2M) Interfaces that are supposed to be the foundations for IoT are explained to prepare the designer. Definitions of IoT, different architectures of IoT, possible models of IOT, along with different market needs and Industry requirements are detailed, so that designers can finalize their choices that enable them to prepare PERT like basics. IEEE Standards useful to IoT design and a few Network Protocol Stacks are explored in detail that will give confidence to any designer. Embedded Operating Systems (FreeRTOS and Contiki) and various Middleware frameworks useful to IoT are discussed.

While detailing IoT functional aspects layer wise, the required Memory structures like Ring Buffer Mechanisms are explained, that support designers with IoT Memory management, optimization of software (or code) aspects. Basic code structures and functions required for each layer (e.g. Adaptation Layer, IP, TCP, etc.) are detailed along with required flow diagrams.

This book covers:
- Big Data Aspects that are fundamental drivers to IoT
- Embedded Programming Techniques that are heart for IoT
- Changing Technologies that are promoting IoT solutions
- Machine to Machine Interfaces, the first avatar of IoT
- GSM Communication Aspects and Standards for IoT
- Architecture and different models of IoT
- Conceptual implementation of IoT
- IEEE standards useful to IoT
- Required Embedded Operating Systems suitable for IoT
- Various Middleware Frameworks, for IoT
- Network Protocol Stacks for IoT
- Memory Management aspects of IoT
- Basic functional calls required for each layer of IoT
- Protocol layer wise design concepts useful to IoT (flow diagrams)
- Security concepts for IoT

This book focuses on practical design aspects such as how to finalize a processor (CPU), integrated circuit, and other software and hardware circuit kits available in the market, which operating system to use, etc., in a single volume. This book will be ideal for professionals and graduates from diverse engineering domains including electrical engineering, electronics and communication engineering, and computer engineering, who are perusing IoT Technology as their profession.

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