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Information Security Management, Second Edition

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Название: Information Security Management, Second Edition
Автор: Michael Workman
Издательство: ‎Jones & Bartlett Learning
Год: 2023
Страниц: 500
Язык: английский
Формат: epub
Размер: 16.4 MB

This text will provide you with an overview of information and cybersecurity and offer a summary of security topics that are addressed in more detail in the Jones & Bartlett Learning “New Information Systems Security & Assurance” series. Cybersecurity is an aspect of information security. Cybersecurity deals with the electronic elements of protecting assets such as information. Information security encompasses broader threats, including theft of physical documents, perhaps left unattended on an employee’s desk. In this text, we will use the term cybersecurity when we are referring to the electronic aspects and information security when discussing these other elements. We begin with some foundational materials that cover the broad spectrum of information technology management, including what the main departments such as software engineering, operations, and compliance do, and what their roles and responsibilities are.

We then focus on specific aspects of information security design, development, control, and governance. Finally, we delve into advanced research and development topics such as emerging threats and what we are doing in the R&D field to try to address them. Our coverage of these topics in this edition is based on our experience with, and survey of, technology management programs, the gaps that exist, and important overlooked topics such as adaptive systems and techniques to deal with advanced and persistent threats.

This text is for those of you who have some background knowledge in networking and computer systems. We will be referring to concepts with the assumption that readers will know, for example, the basics of TCP/IP networking, what routers are, what operating systems do, and how systems interoperate. At the same time, this is an introductory book on information and cybersecurity for technology management.

Our aim is to provide a reference text suitable for technology managers (or students of technology management) in what is known as “knowledge work” and introduce the readers to concepts they may read in the series for more in-depth knowledge. This text covers the major aspects of information and cybersecurity that technology managers and other security professionals need to be familiar with. We present most of the material at a conceptual level, but where we believe appropriate, we delve into some of the more technical details to give insights into critical information security issues at the implementation level.

This is not a memorize-and-regurgitate type of text. We use an integrated materials approach called scaffolding to help you learn the subject matter. This text is meant to be studied, not simply read and memorized. Most likely, you will encounter terms you may need to study further if they are unfamiliar, and we will present information multiple times in different contexts throughout this text. By the time you finish, you should understand information and cybersecurity management, and not simply have memorized the concepts and terms.

About the Author
CHAPTER 1 Introduction to Information and Cybersecurity
CHAPTER 2 Information Security Departments and Roles
CHAPTER 3 Actors and Practices
CHAPTER 4 Corporations: Laws, Regulations, and Policies
CHAPTER 5 Information Security Management
CHAPTER 6 Assessing Threats and Vulnerabilities
CHAPTER 7 Risk Assessments and Risk Management
CHAPTER 8 Computer Architecture and Security Models
CHAPTER 9 Security Policies and Managing Behaviors
CHAPTER 10 Cryptography
CHAPTER 11 Network Security, Firewalls, IDS, and SeCM
CHAPTER 12 Information Security Management
Appendix: Think About IT Answers

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