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Networked Control Systems: Theory, Applications and Analysis

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Название: Networked Control Systems: Theory, Applications and Analysis
Автор: Shiwen Tong, Dianwei Qian
Издательство: Nova Science Pub Inc
Год: 2021
Страниц: 172
Язык: английский
Формат: pdf (true)
Размер: 11.45 MB

Networked Control System (NCS) can be regarded as a special type of control system in which sensors, controllers and actuators are connected to a closed loop. Media-sharing characteristics, time-delay, data packet dropout and data displacement are inevitable phenomena in such a control system, which can greatly degrade the control performance, and even make the control system unstable. Alleviating these effects has become one of the most attractive research hotspots in the last two decades. All the above three problems can be summarized as the time-delay issue. There are two kinds of time-delay compensation strategies: one is active compensation, and the other is passive compensation. For the former, prediction is the core idea. Selecting the appropriate candidate predicted control action according to the time delay information is a feasible solution. For the latter, making the system insensitive to delay is a good choice. This book covers the design, modeling, control, simulation and application of the networked control system.

Apparently, the book cannot include all research topics. The editors and the authors wish that it could reveal some tendencies on this research field and benefit readers. In this book, different aspects of networked control are explored. Chapters includes some new tendencies and developments in research on Networked Predictive Fuzzy Control (NPFC), Data-based Networked Tracking Control (DNTC), Data-based Adaptive Networked Tracking Control (DNATC), Controller Parameters Tuning through Network, Event-Triggered Control of Networked System and Multi-Agent Systems (MAS).

Tracking control is a very challenging problem in the Networked Control System (NCS), especially for the process with blurred mechanism and where only input-output data are available. This chapter has proposed a data-based design approach for the Networked Tracking Control System (NTCS). The method utilizes the input-output data of the controlled process to establish a predictive model with the help of Fuzzy Cluster Modelling (FCM) technology. Then, the deduced error and error change in the future are treated as inputs of a Fuzzy Sliding Mode Controller (FSMC) to obtain a string of future control actions. These candidate control actions in the controller side are delivered to the plant side. Thus, the network induced time delays are compensated by selecting appropriate control action. Simulation outputs prove the validity of the proposed method.

This book addresses some original contributions reporting the latest advances in networked control. It aims to gather the latest research on state-of-the-art methods, simulations and applications of networked control techniques. The editor hopes it can reveal some tendencies in this research field and benefit readers including professional researchers and students. This is an interesting collection of networked control techniques, such as date-based control, tracking control, event-triggered control, formation control, etc.

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