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Alice and Bob Learn Application Security

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Название: Alice and Bob Learn Application Security
Автор: Tanya Janca
Издательство: Wiley
Год: 2021
Формат: True PDF/EPUB/MOBI
Страниц: 285
Размер: 10 Mb
Язык: English

Learn application security from the very start, with this comprehensive and approachable guide!
Alice and Bob Learn Application Security is an accessible and thorough resource for anyone seeking to incorporate, from the beginning of the System Development Life Cycle, best security practices in software development. This book covers all the basic subjects such as threat modeling and security testing, but also dives deep into more complex and advanced topics for securing modern software systems and architectures. Throughout, the book offers analogies, stories of the characters Alice and Bob, real-life examples, technical explanations and diagrams to ensure maximum clarity of the many abstract and complicated subjects.
Topics include:
Secure requirements, design, coding, and deployment
Security Testing (all forms)
Common Pitfalls
Application Security Programs
Securing Modern Applications
Software Developer Security Hygiene
Alice and Bob Learn Application Security is perfect for aspiring application security engineers and practicing software developers, as well as software project managers, penetration testers, and chief information security officers who seek to build or improve their application security programs.
Alice and Bob Learn Application Security illustrates all the included concepts with easy-to-understand examples and concrete practical applications, furthering the reader’s ability to grasp and retain the foundational and advanced topics contained within.

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