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End-to-End Mobile Communications: Evolution to 5G

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End-to-End Mobile Communications: Evolution to 5GНазвание: End-to-End Mobile Communications: Evolution to 5G
Автор: Syed S. Husain, Athul Prasad
Издательство: McGraw-Hill Education
Год: 2020
Страниц: 352
Язык: английский
Формат: epub
Размер: 11.9 MB

Explore mobile communications and discover how the technology has evolved to 5G.

This hands-on textbook lays out the foundations of mobile communications—from architecture to function—with a special focus on 5G services, networks, and applications. Written by a stellar team of academics and mobile networking practitioners, End-to-End Mobile Communications: Evolution to 5G clearly explains the latest capabilities, standards, and practices along with background and examples. The book contains a primer on the vast topic of mobile technology security and offers a look toward future trends and emerging technologies.

Currently, there are many textbooks that provide a good deal of information on the fundamentals of telecommunications and mobile system standards, but there are a limited number of textbooks that provide a holistic background on the mobile system evolution from 0G to 5G and details on the evolution of mobile system functions. This background is helpful in understanding the concepts and how the mobile technology has gradually evolved, taking into account the technological advancements in both radio access and core network domains. The other available channels to learn about mobile communications is to sort through a plethora of standards documents or by reading various academic papers, which is a cumbersome task without knowing where to start.

The goal of this textbook is to help in preparing students as they embark on their professional careers in mobile communications and its related fields. In addition, it provides engineering students the ins and outs of mobile technology not found in other textbooks, e.g., the services that are offered today and those that are currently under development. Another discipline that can also benefit from this textbook is security (a branch of mathematics and computer science) for development of data encryption techniques used in secure transmission of data over the radio interface. Also, this textbook is a useful reference for system engineers working in the field of mobile communications in further enhancing their knowledge on specific topics of interest related to 5G communications.

Coverage includes:
An introduction to mobile communications
Background on mobile network services
Evolution of mobile technologies
5G services and applications
5G radio access network architecture
5G core network architecture
Future evolution of mobile systems

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