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Hacking: Denial of Service Attacks

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Название: Hacking: Denial of Service Attacks
Автор: Alex Wagner
Издательство: Services LLC
Год: 2019
Страниц: 122
Язык: английский
Формат: pdf, rtf
Размер: 10.1 MB

In order to understand hackers and protect the network infrastructure you must think like a hacker in today’s expansive and eclectic internet and you must understand that nothing is fully secured.

This book will focus on some of the most dangerous hacker tools that are favourite of both, White Hat and Black Hat hackers.

If you attempt to use any of the tools discussed in this book on a network without being authorized and you disturb or damage any systems, that would be considered illegal black hat hacking. So, I would like to encourage all readers to deploy any tool described in this book for WHITE HAT USE ONLY.

The focus of this book will be to introduce some of the best well known software that you can use for free of charge, furthermore where to find them, how to access them, and finally in every chapter you will find demonstrated examples step-by-step.

Additionally you will be demonstrated how to create a Denial of Service Attack, how to manipulate the network infrastructure by creating fake packets, as well how to replicate any networking device, and fool end users to install backdoors on demand.

There are many step by step deployment guides on how to plan a successful penetration test and examples on how to manipulate or misdirect trusted employees using social engineering.

Your reading of this book will boost your knowledge on what is possible in today’s hacking world and help you to become an Ethical Hacker.

In this book you will learn:

•Introduction to Botnets
•The history of DOS attacks
•Defining DoS Attacks
•Distributed Denial of Service Attacks
•Key Attributes of DoS Attacks
•Motivations for DDoS
•Accidental DoS
•The Impact of DoS Attacks
•Protocols & The OSI Model
•HTTP Flood Attacks
•SYN Flood Attacks
•UDP and ICMP Attacks
•DNS reflection Attack
•Dos Attacks using Kali Linux
•Peer-to-Peer DoS Attack
•Slowloris DDoS Attack
•Permanent DoS Attack
•Man on the Side Attack
•The “Cutwail” Botnet
•Low Orbit Ion Cannon
•DOS Services
•Preparation Against DOS Attacks
•Discovering the Attack Pattern
•Defense Strategy: Absorbing DoS Attacks
•Recognizing Traffic Pattern
•Defense Strategy at Layer 4
•Defense Strategy at Layer 7
•Testing Resiliency against DoS Attacks

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