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Название: Murach's ASP.NET 4.6 Web Programming with C# 2015, 6 edition+code
Автор: Mary Delamater and Anne Boehm
Год: 2016
Количество страниц:826
Язык: English
Формат: pdf+code
Размер:1 Gb

If you know how to create Windows applications using C#, you’re ready to learn Web Forms programming with our classic ASP.NET book. It will get you off to a fast start whether or not you have done any web programming. It will teach you the skills you need to develop bullet-proof web applications on the job. And when you’re done, this book does double duty as the best on-the-job reference that money can buy.

Who this book is for

If you have a core set of C# programming skills...the kind you get from a book like Murach’s C# 2015...you’re ready for this book. In fact, we’re confident that it will teach you ASP.NET faster and better than any competing book. That’s true whether you’re new to web programming or whether you’re coming to it with a background in another server-side language.
What’s new in this edition
The major changes
New chapter: Bootstrap for formatting and styling

This edition adds information about how to use Bootstrap, a framework for designing websites and web applications that’s especially useful for responsive design. You’ll find a brief early tutorial in chapter 3 on the Bootstrap grid system and how to work with forms. Then, chapter 10 is devoted to teaching how to make Bootstrap work with ASP.NET.
New chapter: Model binding and the Entity Framework for database programming

This edition adds a chapter to the database programming section (chapter 18) that shows how to use model binding with the Entity Framework. This allows binding of a data control like a GridView control directly to an object in the Entity Data Model, rather than having to use a SqlDataSource or ObjectDataSource control.
New content: Identity for authentication

In the 4.5 book, the chapter on authentication focused on the Membership system and the Web Site Administration Tool, but these are gone in Visual Studio 2015. So this chapter now focuses on how to use ASP.NET Identity, which is the replacement for the Membership system.

Although the new Identity system is extremely versatile, it can also be hard to understand. So the 4.6 book focuses on what you need to know to use Identity to authenticate users and work with roles.
Additional changes
Web application projects rather than web site projects

The earlier editions of this book showed how to develop web site projects because they were simpler. Now, however, Microsoft recommends web application projects for new development…and some features like FriendlyUrls are available only in web application projects. So the 4.6 book focuses on how to work with web application projects.
Debugging enhancements

This edition adds a discussion about how to use BrowserLink and the Diagnostic Tools window in the debugging chapter.
No more themes

Bootstrap doesn’t work very well with ASP.NET themes, so the chapter on themes (the old chapter 10) has been removed from this edition.
Routing changes

The routing chapter in this edition adds a discussion about how to use the FriendlyUrls feature and how to integrate it with ASP.NET routing (they are two different systems, and it can take some tinkering to get them to play well together).

Also, the menu server controls don’t work well with Bootstrap, so they’ve been removed from this chapter. The Bootstrap chapter, though, shows how to work with navbars and breadcrumbs. Configuration and deployment Since the Web Site Administration Tool is gone in Visual Studio 2015, that part of the deployment chapter has been dropped. Now, the deployment focus is on how to use the one-click publish feature.
What software you need
Option 1: Any of the full editions of Visual Studio 2015

To develop ASP.NET Web Forms applications, you can use any of the full editions of Visual Studio 2015. These editions come with everything you need, including Visual Studio, C# 2015, a built-in web server called IIS Express that’s ideal for testing ASP.NET applications on your own computer, and a scaled-back version of SQL Server called SQL Server Express LocalDB.
Option 2: Visual Studio 2015 Community Edition

For a no-cost alternative to the commercial packages, you can download Visual Studio 2015 Community Edition from Microsoft’s website for free. It too provides all of the items listed above, it’s a terrific product for learning how to develop ASP.NET applications, and both the applications and the skills that you develop with it will work with any of the full editions of Visual Studio.
The perfect companion book

Murach’s C# 2015 is the perfect companion to our ASP.NET 4.6 book. It presents the C# programming skills that you need for developing ASP.NET Web Forms applications. It works for beginners as well as professionals. It lets you learn new skills whenever you need them. And it’s the best on-the-job reference that money can buy.
What people say about this book

"Simply put, Murach’s ASP.NET is a great book. The author does a fantastic job of walking readers through the fundamentals, making the process feel like you’re sitting down with a skilled instructor who’s moving you from one example to the next."
-- Muhammad Riaz, Baton Rouge Oracle User Group

"Another awesome book from Murach. I have always been a fan of Murach’s books; I learn so much more from them than any other tech books out there. The format makes learning new materials easier, and their code examples WORK."
-- Posted at an online bookseller

"Great book. Probably the best there is on learning ASP.NET C#. Seriously. I’m hard to please, and as a programmer and engineer, I was surprised by how informative this book was."
-- Posted at an online bookseller

"To move forward and create a web application that can do real work beyond page turning, such as storing data in a database, validating input data, and sending email, requires not only HTML, but also javascript, light database design, Transact-SQL scripting, and more complex deployment strategies. It also requires the developer to understand the architecture of a web application as compared to the architecture of a web site. Murach’s ASP.NET Web Programming with C# provides the learner and the more experienced programmer with all that and more."
--Eric Notheisen, Enterprise Developers Guild

Book applications and exercises

This download is referred to in the book as ac46_allfiles.exe. It’s been split into two because of its size.

The file named ac46_allfiles_bookapps.exe contains:

The source code for the applications that are presented in the book
The database that’s used by the book applications

The file named ac46_allfiles_exercises.exe contains:

The starting source code for the exercises in the book
The solutions to the book exercises so you can check your work
The database that’s used by the exercises

The appendix in the book describes how to install and use these files.

Bookapps Exe file for Windows
Exercises Exe file for Windows


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