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Effective Kotlin: Best practices

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Effective Kotlin: Best practicesНазвание: Effective Kotlin: Best practices
Автор: Marcin Moskala
Издательство: Leanpub
Год: 2020-06-20
Страниц: 439
Язык: английский
Формат: pdf (true)
Размер: 10.1 MB

Effective Kotlin summarizes the best practices and experiences of the Kotlin community, together with a deep explanation of some lesser-known Kotlin functionalities. All of the best practices are presented as simple rules with detailed explanations.

Kotlin is a powerful and pragmatic language, but it's not enough to know about its features. We also need to know when they should be used and in what way. This book is a guide for Kotlin developers on how to become excellent Kotlin developers. It presents and explains in-depth the best practices for Kotlin development. Each item is presented as a clear rule of thumb, supported by detailed explanations and practical examples.

The purpose of this book:
To really unleash the advantages of Kotlin, we need to use it properly. Knowing features and the standard library (stdlib) is not enough. The main goal of this book is to explain how to use different Kotlin features to achieve safe, readable, scalable, and efficient code. Since this book is written to help developers get better at writing code, it also touches on many general rules for programmers. You can find the influence of programming classics like Clean Code, Effective Java, Structure and Implementation of Computer Programs, Code Complete, and many more. You can also find influence from presentations and Kotlin forums. This book tries to compose as much knowledge about best practices in Kotlin as possible, no matter where it originated.

You can call it a collection of best practices; though it differs from classic “Effective X” books because of Kotlin characteristics. The Effective Java book contains many warnings about internal Java problems. In Kotlin such problems are mostly eliminated by the Kotlin team. In contrast to Java, Kotlin is not worried about deprecating something and fixing it in the future. In the worst case, the Kotlin team controls a powerful IDE that can do nearly any migration to a better alternative.

For whom is this book written?
This book is not teaching basics. It assumes that you have enough knowledge and skills to do Kotlin development. If you don’t, I recommend starting first with some resources designed for beginners. Effective Kotlin is for experienced Kotlin developers. I want this book to be a complete guide for Kotlin developers on how to become an amazing Kotlin developer.

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