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Woodworking: Techniques, Tools, Projects, and Everything You Need to KnowНазвание: Woodworking: Techniques, Tools, Projects, and Everything You Need to Know
Автор: Vicenc Gilbert, Frederic A. Martín, Rodrigo Lazcano
Издательство: Skyhorse Publishing
Год: 2023
Страниц: 160
Язык: английский
Формат: epub (true)
Размер: 100.0 MB

Become a woodworking master with this all-encompassing reference!

This practical manual, both for the person who is attracted to the subject of workshop carpentry and for someone beginning in this subject, is the essential reference for learning and honing your woodworking and carpentry skills.

With this book, you will learn аbout:

Metal Fittings
Joint Techniques
Handling of Wood
And Much More!

This comprehensive book is divided into three parts so that your education is well-rounded and approaches multiple perspectives on the matter. These three sections: provide the principles of construction in wood, then discuss the preparation of wood and information about various tools and machinery. The final portion consists of a more advanced section with ways to decorate and create your projects and is lavishly photographed and illustrated to help guide readers along with the instructions.

The aim of this work is to move beyond the simple, step-by-step practical side of creating certain wooden furniture or other items. The contents and the organization of this book have been designed as a short “Teach Yourself” course, of interest both to a large number of beginners and even to professional experts. The reader, depending on his knowledge of woodworking, can therefore choose the parts which are of most interest to him.
The book is organized into three major sections which combine to form a compact summary of sufficient information for the reader to acquire a level at which he is able to work alone, experimenting with the wide range of items that can be created in wood. The first section you will read is called “The Basics”. This introduces us to wood itself, which can be extremely difficult to work with without first knowing its secrets; and what operations, however simple they may appear, entail difficulties that can only be explained by someone who has learned his trade thoroughly.

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