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Название: Java Systems Design Interview Challenger: Pass Java System Design interviews by understanding the fundamentals of a cloud system’s components. Don’t try to learn all the tools, focus on concepts instead
Автор: Rafael Chinelato del Nero
Издательство: Leanpub
Год: 2024-05-01
Страниц: 290
Язык: английский
Формат: pdf (true), epub
Размер: 10.1 MB

What about learning about System Design with a Java flavor? In this book, you will learn essential fundamentals for System design within the Java ecosystem so you know what technologies to use to design a Java system! Nowadays, most companies ask for system design knowledge in their interviews. In this book, you will learn the fundamentals of a cloud system, how to make it scalable, and how to build robust systems. Instead of learning tools, focus on the concepts so you don't waste time trying to learn everything. The Systems design interview became very popular in the market nowadays. After the big techs Google, Meta, Microsoft, Amazon and other companies started using it, all the other companies are doing the same. That’s why knowing how the systems design interview works is key for you to get a good job. The main objective of this book is to give you a solid foundational knowledge about Systems Design so you can learn any new technology faster. Programmers are not what the market wants anymore. Nowadays, companies are looking for software engineers, this means, a developer who can analyze a problem and come up with effective solutions. The ability of articulating a solution, creating good quality code, talking to coworkers, preparing documentation with architecture solutions, designing database, create performant and scalable systems are the skills companies are looking for. Some years ago, knowing a Java framework was enough for the market but the scenario has changed. That’s why the most powerful skill any software can have is the ability to learn, the ability to be a software engineer.
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Название: jаvascript for hackers : Learn to think like a hacker
Автор: Gareth Heyes
Издательство: Leanpub
Год: 2024-01-25
Язык: английский
Формат: pdf (true), mobi, epub
Размер: 10.1 MB

Learn how to find interesting behaviour and flaws in jаvascript. Reading this book you will find the latest and greatest techniques for hacking jаvascript and generating XSS payloads. Includes ways to construct jаvascript using only +[]()! characters. Never heard of DOM Clobbering? This book has all the details. Have you ever wondered how a hacker approaches finding flaws in the browser and jаvascript? This book shares the thought processes and gives you tools to find your own flaws. It shares the basics of jаvascript hacking, then dives in and explains how to construct jаvascript payloads that don't use parentheses. Once you’ve got your chosen environment set up the next step is to set a goal. If you have no goal you can be staring at a blank page not getting anywhere. A goal enables you to make sure you’re always trying something and it can be flexible too. For instance one of my goals was “execute jаvascript without parentheses”. If you’ve set a good goal it will almost likely never end and good ones also mutate into another goal for example the goal I mentioned earlier mutated into “execute jаvascript functions without parentheses and pass arguments”. Now you can see how these two goals are useful because now you have a clear idea what you have to do and you can abuse jаvascript features to achieve that goal.
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Название: Крайон. Хроники Акаши для управления судьбой. Упражнения, практики, настрои
Автор: Тамара Шмидт
Издательство: АСТ
Год: 2023
Страниц: 156
Формат: pdf
Язык: русский
Размер: 10 Мб

Крайон открывает нам главный секрет Новой Эры – теперь каждый из нас может жить той жизнью, о которой мечтает! Сейчас, когда на Землю приходят новые энергии, приходит истинный Свет, нам открываются многие древние тайны и появляются новые возможности, связанные с этими открытиями. Одна из таких возможностей – доступ к Хроникам Акаши. Хроники Акаши – это Вселенский разум, который хранит истории наших прошлых жизней и воплощений, напоминает нам, кем мы были раньше, подсказывает, как изменить свою жизнь к лучшему, помогает преодолеть все трудности и страхи.
Разместил: GenT72 10-06-2024, 13:45 | Комментарии: 0 | Подробнее
Название: Краткая занимательная грамматика английского языка
Автор: Александр Бычков
Издательство: Издательские решения
Год: 2021
Язык: русский
Формат: pdf
Размер: 10.4 MB

Простое и увлекательное изложение грамматики на основе мнемотехники и образов. Я не ставил задачу изложить полную грамматику языка, однако эта методика позволяет начинающему быстро освоить основы английской грамматики, а если учащийся захочет, то он всегда может поподробнее ознакомится с материалом в соответствующей литературе. Моя цель — дать удобный и эффективный инструмент для быстрого понимания и освоения английской грамматики.
Разместил: literator 10-06-2024, 13:41 | Комментарии: 0 | Подробнее
Название: Validity, Reliability, and Significance: Empirical Methods for NLP and Data Science, 2nd Edition
Автор: Stefan Riezler, Michael Hagmann
Издательство: Springer
Год: 2024
Страниц: 179
Язык: английский
Формат: pdf (true), epub
Размер: 25.7 MB

This book introduces empirical methods for Machine Learning with a special focus on applications in Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Data Science. The authors present problems of validity, reliability, and significance and provide common solutions based on statistical methodology to solve them. The book focuses on model-based empirical methods where data annotations and model predictions are treated as training data for interpretable probabilistic models from the well-understood families of generalized additive models (GAMs) and linear mixed effects models (LMEMs). Based on the interpretable parameters of the trained GAMs or LMEMs, the book presents model-based statistical tests such as a validity test that allows for the detection of circular features that circumvent learning. Furthermore, the book discusses a reliability coefficient using variance decomposition based on random effect parameters of LMEMs. Lastly, a significance test based on the likelihood ratios of nested LMEMs trained on the performance scores of two machine learning models is shown to naturally allow the inclusion of variations in meta-parameter settings into hypothesis testing, and further facilitates a refined system comparison conditional on properties of input data. The book is self-contained with an appendix on the mathematical background of generalized additive models and linear mixed effects models as well as an accompanying webpage with the related R and Python code to replicate the presented experiments. The second edition also features a new hands-on chapter that illustrates how to use the included tools in practical applications.
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Название: 150+ Python Pattern Programs: Top Python exercises to feed your creativity with if statements and loops (150+ Pattern Programs Book 1)
Автор: Hernando Abella
Издательство: Aluna Publishing House
Год: 2024
Страниц: 186
Язык: английский
Формат: pdf, azw3, epub (true), mobi
Размер: 10.1 MB

"The continued demand for Python skills across industries makes it a valuable asset for developers". Develop your creativity by creating beautiful asterisk patterns with if statements and loops using the Python language. this awesome language will allow you to feel more comfortable writing code because you will master the more essential topics of programming by practicing these techniques. If you are studying computer science at university, this book is perfect for you. They will require you to create these types of patterns that will be very useful to learn all types of advanced techniques and quickly master this wonderful language.
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Название: Hands-On Differential Privacy: Introduction to the Theory and Practice Using OpenDP
Автор: Ethan Cowan, Michael Shoemate, Mayana Pereira
Издательство: O’Reilly Media, Inc.
Год: 2024
Страниц: 362
Язык: английский
Формат: True PDF, True/Retail EPUB
Размер: 12.6 MB

Many organizations today analyze and share large, sensitive datasets about individuals. Whether these datasets cover healthcare details, financial records, or exam scores, it's become more difficult for organizations to protect an individual's information through deidentification, anonymization, and other traditional statistical disclosure limitation techniques. This practical book explains how differential privacy (DP) can help. Authors Ethan Cowan, Michael Shoemate, and Mayana Pereira explain how these techniques enable data scientists, researchers, and programmers to run statistical analyses that hide the contribution of any single individual. You'll dive into basic DP concepts and understand how to use open source tools to create differentially private statistics, explore how to assess the utility/privacy trade-offs, and learn how to integrate differential privacy into workflows. The OpenDP Library is part of the larger OpenDP Project. OpenDP is a community effort to build a trustworthy suite of open-source tools for enabling privacy-protective analysis of sensitive personal data, focused on a library of algorithms for generating differentially private statistical releases. The target use cases for OpenDP are to enable government, industry, and academic institutions to safely and confidently share sensitive data to support scientifically oriented research and exploration in the public interest. We aim for OpenDP to flexibly grow with the rapidly advancing science of differential privacy, and be a pathway to bring the newest algorithmic developments to a wide array of practitioners. SmartNoise is a collaboration between Microsoft, Harvard’s Institute for Quantitative Social Science (IQSS), and the OpenDP Project. The project aims to connect solutions from the research community with the lessons learned from real-world deployments to make differential privacy broadly accessible. Building upon the foundation of the OpenDP Library, the SmartNoise SDK includes two Python packages: smartnoise-sql and smartnoise-synth.
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Ever ride a dinosaur?Название: Ever ride a dinosaur? = Катались ли вы на динозавре? (у 2-х ч.)
Автор: Scott Corbett / С. Корбетт
Составитель: Н. В. Литвин
Изд-во: К.: Київська обласна організація товариства “Знання"
Серия: English learner's library = Бiблiотечка для тих, хто вивчає англiйську
Год: 1995 (вып. 5-6)
Страниц: 2*64 c.
Формат: pdf/djvu
Размер: 16,78 Мб
Язык: English (укр.; рус.)

Пособие для самостоятельного чтения с целью совершенствования навыков чтения и понимания прочитанного на англ. яз. Комментарии и словарик на укр. и рус. языках.
A funny book for kids and adults, written in American English : пособие для чтения на английском языке (Ч. 1. - № 5 листопад 1995. -- 64 с. / Ч. 2. - № 6 грудень 1995. -- 64 с. ). "Ever Ride a Dinosaur?” is a heart-warming story about friendship between an unlucky clerk Tad and a wise brontosaur Bronson.
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Название: Java Essentials: From Beginner to Developer
Автор: Programming Hub
Издательство: Programming Hub
Год: 2024
Страниц: 141
Язык: английский
Формат: pdf, epub
Размер: 11.1 MB

Dive into the world of programming with "Java Essentials: From Beginner to Developer," your comprehensive guide to mastering Java and setting the foundation for a successful career in software development. This pivotal resource unfolds the vast expanse of Java programming, from its fundamental principles to advanced object-oriented techniques, making it an indispensable tool for both aspiring programmers and seasoned developers looking to refine their skills. This book, "Java Essentials," is designed to be an illuminating beacon for students embarking on their adventure into the realm of Computer Science and engineering. Intended particularly for those in their formative years of study, this book aims to lay down a strong foundation in Java programming, a language renowned for its reliability, efficiency, and wide applicability across platforms. Java stands as one of the pillars of modern software development, its importance underscored by its role in building enterprise-level applications, Android apps, web applications, and much more. The versatility and stability of Java make it an indispensable tool for aspiring programmers and seasoned developers alike. Whether your interests lie in web development, mobile app creation, software engineering, or even in the burgeoning fields of Big Data and IoT, Java will prove to be a steadfast ally on your journey.
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Название: An Introduction to Knowledge Graphs
Автор: Umutcan Serles, Dieter Fensel
Издательство: Springer
Год: 2024
Страниц: 440
Язык: английский
Формат: pdf (true)
Размер: 28.4 MB

This textbook introduces the theoretical foundations of technologies essential for knowledge graphs. It also covers practical examples, applications and tools. Knowledge graphs are the most recent answer to the challenge of providing explicit knowledge about entities and their relationships by potentially integrating billions of facts from heterogeneous sources. The standard narrative about the recent history of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is that a combination of rapidly growing compute power and an immense increase in available data have caused a scaling explosion in AI that has led to the results in Machine Learning (ML) in the past decade. Indeed, this narrative is true, and the results of the ML explosion are clear for all to see, in the popular press, in scientific publications, and in real world applications, ranging from product recommendation to fraud detection and from chatbots to face recognition. What is rather less known to the general public, the popular press, and indeed in AI itself is that a similar scaling explosion has taken place in another area of AI. The main driver for this “other explosion” of size in AI has been the adoption of the knowledge graph model, combined with ontology languages that carefully balance expressivity against computational cost. Knowledge graphs now form the biggest knowledge bases ever built, and without a doubt, languages like RDF Schema and OWL are by far the most widely used knowledge representation languages in the history of AI. And these knowledge graphs have come of age. They are used in science, in public administration, in cultural heritage, in healthcare, and in a broad range of industries, ranging from manufacturing to financial services and from search engines to pharmaceuticals. This textbook is intended for graduate courses covering knowledge graphs. Besides students in knowledge graph, Semantic Web, database, or information retrieval classes, also advanced software developers for Web applications or tools for Web data management will learn about the foundations and appropriate methods.
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