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Windows 10: The Complete Beginners User Guide: 2nd Edition

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Название: Windows 10: The Complete Beginners User Guide: 2nd Edition
Издательство: Mark Harris
Автор: Mark Harris
Год: 2016
Количество страниц: 92
Язык: English
Формат: pdf
Размер: 1 Mb

Windows 10: The Complete Beginners User Guide is chock full of information about the Windows 10 updates, installation, what's new, tips and tricks on Windows 10, gaming resources, usual features, store developments, handy apps and tools. Now features a How To Use Google Effectively guide!

Moreover, with this book you will learn everything you need to know on updating to getting used to Windows 10.
It also teaches you, step-by-step, how to install Windows 10 on a virtual PC first to learn more about the new Windows update and then go about using it at full capacity.
Windows 10 new feature write up is an elaborate how-to on using the new apps very effectively on the new Windows 10.
This book provides an inventory of the best knowledge and information on Windows 10 that has an easy transformation from the hazardous Windows 8/8.1.

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