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Название: Interaction Data Analytics: Methods, Tools, and Applications
Автор: Vagner Figueredo de Santana
Издательство: Leanpub
Год: 2023-04-16
Язык: английский
Формат: pdf (true)
Размер: 17.4 MB

Most of the analytics tools available focus on assessing customer clicks, but have you ever thought about how little we know about what happens in between clicks? In this book we present methods, tools, and applications so that you can start uncovering the value of multiple interaction data available when people interact with computing systems.

Interaction logs are present in the most diverse platforms, from mainframes to mobile devices. Interaction data analytics gained visibility with the advent of e-commerce in the late 90s. Analytics in e-commerce aims at analyzing the most viewed/bought products, the origin of accesses, or even understanding why users gave up on buying something. These goals promoted the development of multiple tools in the area. However, when we analyze these tools considering detailed interaction data beyond click streams –with user experience, accessibility, and usability in mind–, few tools allow evaluators to get details about how a given interaction occurred. This book presents methods and applications involving: (1) capture of detailed user behavior data, at the level of user interface events; (2) analysis involving abstractions of these low-level events up to Machine Learning models; (3) visualization of collected data leveraging human visual perception capabilities. Hence, throughout the book the reader will see examples of how to apply interaction data analytics in multiple types of projects, either as the main evaluation method or as an additional technique supporting, bridging Data Science and Human-Computer Interaction.

What is this book for?
This book aims at supporting software engineers, software architects, developers, designers, HCI (Human-Computer Interaction) practitioners, and Data Scientists to consider nuances and particular characteristics of interaction logs, surpassing challenges, and gaining insights from these interaction traces as much as possible, always having accessibility and usability in mind.

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