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Название: Frontiers in Mathematical Modelling Research
Автор:Biswas M.H.A., Kabi M.H.
Издательство:New York: Nova Science Publishers
Год: 2022
Формат: PDF
Размер: 42,5 МБ
Язык: English

Mathematical modeling is the process of trying to precisely define a nonmathematical situation, real-life phenomena of changing world and the relationships between the situations in the language of mathematics, and finding out mathematical formulations or patterns within these situations and phenomena. Mathematical modeling in terms of nonlinear dynamic equations is described as a conversion activity of real problems in a mathematical form. The interactions between the mathematical and biological sciences have been increasing rapidly in recent years. Both traditional topics, such as population and disease modeling, and new ones, such as those in genomics arising from the accumulation of DNA sequence data, have made mathematical modeling in biomathematics an exciting field. The best predictions of numerous individuals and scientific communities have suggested that this growing area will continue to be one of the most dominating and fascinating driving factors to capture the global change phenomena and design a sustainable management for a better world. Frontiers in Mathematical Modelling Research provides the most recent and up-to-date developments in the mathematical analysis of real world problems arising in engineering, biology, economics, geography, planning, sociology, psychology, medicine and epidemiology of infectious diseases. Mathematical modeling and analysis are important, not only to understand disease progression, but also to provide predictions about the evolution of the disease and insights about the dynamics of the transmission rate and the effectiveness of control measures. One of the main focuses of the book is the transmission dynamics of emerging and re-emerging infectious diseases and the implementation of intervention strategies. Italso discusses optimal control strategies like pharmaceutical and non-pharmaceutical interventions and their potential effectiveness on the control of infections with the help of compartmental mathematical models in epidemiology. This book also covers a wide variety of topics like dynamic models in robotics, chemical process, biodynamic hypothesis and its application for the mathematical modeling of biological growth and the analysis of diagnosis rate effects and prediction of zoonotic viruses, data-driven dynamic simulation and scenario analysis of the spread of diseases. Frontiers in Mathematical Modelling Research will play a pivotal role as helpful resource for mathematical biologists and ecologists, epidemiologists, epidemic modelers, virologists, researchers, mathematical modelers, robotic scientists and control engineers and others engaged in the analysis of the transmission, prevention, and control of infectious diseases and their impact on human health. It is expected that this self-contained edited book can also serve undergraduate and graduate students, young scholars and early career researchers as the basis for meaningful directives of current trends of research in mathematical biology

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