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Practice Makes Perfect: Spanish Vocabulary, 3rd Edition

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Название: Practice Makes Perfect: Spanish Vocabulary, 3rd Edition
Автор: Dorothy Richmond
Издательство: McGraw-Hill Education
Год: 2017
Формат: epub
Страниц: 464
Размер: 45.4 Mb
Язык: Spanish, English

Add thousands of words to your vocabulary and build your Spanish language confidence!
To communicate effortlessly in Spanish, you need access to a wide variety of words that go beyond the basics. But memorizing vocabulary can seem like a daunting chore! While most vocabulary guides look like indigestible thematic dictionaries, this bestselling workbook provides the tools you need to expand your lexicon and sharpen your speaking and writing skills.

Practice Makes Perfect: Spanish Vocabulary, Third Edition first provides a solid foundation in Spanish grammar, but then uses verbs only in the present tense – to keep the focus firmly on vocabulary. Each chapter is devoted to key themes, so you can build your language skills in a systematic manner. And with more than 250 exercises, you will have the extensive practice that will help you absorb more words and expressions and to master communicate well in Spanish.
With this updated edition of Practice Makes Perfect: Spanish Vocabulary, Third Edition you will learn how to speak or write about:
- Your family, friends, and social life
- Spanish holidays and traditions
- Occupations, jobs, and office life
- Politics, current events, crime, law and order
- Your hobbies and favorite forms of entertainment
- The latest terms in technology, communications, and the media
- Science, the environment … and much more

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