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Название: Crochet Secrets From the Knotty Boss: Over 100 tips & tricks to improve your crochet
Автор: Anna Leyzina
Издательство: David & Charles
Год: July 9, 2024
Размер: 125 Мб
Формат: EPUB
Страниц: 260
Язык: Английский

Книга по вязанию крючком. Здесь представлено 100 советов и хитростей, которые помогут вам улучшить свои навыки вязания крючком. Автор рассказывает обо всем - от изменения цвета до соединения квадратиков, о том, какие методы лучше всего использовать для перекрытия и как идеально закончить. В этой книге, посвященной всем наиболее популярным техникам вязания крючком, вы сможете развить свои навыки вязания крючком. Все техники снабжены пошаговыми инструкциями и фотографиями, так что вы можете следить за каждым этапом и не пропустить ни одного трюка.

This collection is packed with 100 tips and tricks for ways to improve your crochet skills. The author covers everything from changing colour to joining granny squares, what the best methods are for blocking and the perfect finishing techniques. Covering all the most popular crochet techniques, this skill building book will help you to raise your crochet game at once. All of the techniques have step-by-step instructions and photography so you can follow along every step of the way and not miss a trick. Author, Anna Leyzina aka The Knotty Boss, has a huge number of followers who love her Tuesday Tips feature on her social media platforms. This collection combines her Tuesday Tips and more in one handy-sized reference book - which is perfect for keeping in your project bag.
Covering everything from how to select the right hook through to tips on how to pick the correct yarn and some clever stitch marker hacks, The Knotty Boss has got you covered. The second chapter looks at basic skills like avoiding visible slip knots at the start of your work, working into back bumps, joining the foundation chain without twisting and an easy method for the magic ring. Later chapters look at more advanced techniques such as keeping the magic ring on your finger while working the first round, invisible joins when working in different stitches and invisible increase and decrease methods. Other hacks include tips for working in rows and rounds including how to smooth the side edges, how to prevent stitches from slanting and how to make the perfect circle rather than a hexagon. Amigurumi techniques are also included with hacks for invisible increase and decreases, adding eyes and other facial expressions and tips for lining and stuffing toys.

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