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Carpentry Projects: Over 1300 Photos, 97 Step-by-Step Projects

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Название: Carpentry Projects: Over 1300 Photos, 97 Step-by-Step Projects
Автор: Ken Fund
Издательство: Creative Publishing
Год: 2008
Формат: PDF
Страниц: 514
Размер: 106 Мб
Язык: English

Learn basic woodworking skills and become a confident carpenter with Carpentry Projects. Ninety-five unique projects will give you hours of enjoyment as well as great accents that you can proudly display in and around your home.

Complete projects include plans, tools, materials and cutting lists, and instructions. Technique sections help you choose the right wood, hardware, and tools for your projects, and offer instructions on how to use the tools recommended. Every project is specifically designed so that you can use everyday tools and materials that are available at any building center.

The step-by-step photo instructions feature projects for living rooms, kitchens, entries, home offices and bedrooms, as well as the outdoors.

You will find ornaments, decorations, benches, tables, seats, garden accessories, storage and utility projects, and bird and pet projects. There are also plans specifically designed for children to use.

You'll learn how to make:
• Adirondack chair
• Mission bench
• Porch swing
• Prairie windmill
• Cedar chest
• Kitchen island

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