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Encyclopedia of World History (7 Volumes Set)

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Название: Encyclopedia of World History (7 Volumes Set)
Автор(ы): Marsha E. Ackermann (Editor)
Издательство: Facts on File
Серия: Facts on File Library of World History
Год: 2008; 2nd ed. Edition
ISBN: 978-0816063864
Страниц: 3756
Язык: English
Формат: True PDF
Размер: 146 MB

In today's world of globalization, there is a growing trend among historians and students alike to study the common challenges and experiences that unite the human past. ""Facts On File"" is pleased to announce its new seven-volume ""Encyclopedia of World History"", a truly groundbreaking work and one of the first to offer a balanced presentation of human history for a global perspective of the past.

Volume I
The Ancient World
Prehistoric Eras to 600 c.e.
Volume II
The Expanding World
600 c.e. to 1450
Volume III
The First Global Age
1450 to 1750
Volume IV
Age of Revolution and Empire
1750 to 1900
Volume V
Crisis and Achievement
1900 to 1950
Volume VI
The Contemporary World
1950 to the Present
Volume VII
Primary Documents
Master Index

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