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Highlights of the Untermyer

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Название: Highlights of the Untermyer
Автор(ы): Collective
Издательство: Metropolitan Museum of Art
Год: 1977
ISBN: 978-0870991691
Страниц: 218
Язык: English
Формат: PDF
Размер: 204 MB

For his munificence and his devotion to the Metropolitan Museum and its collections, will be remembered as one of the institution's greatest benefactors. By gift and bequest, he gave to the Museum one of the finest and largest collections of English decorative arts, dating from the sixteenth century to the end of the eighteenth, as well as an exceptional collection of Continental porcelain and bronze sculpture. Long known as one of the finest of its kind, the Untermyer Collection has transformed the Metropolitan's collection of English decorative arts into one of the most important outside England.

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