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Capture the Portrait: How to Create Great Digital Photos

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Название: Capture the Portrait: How to Create Great Digital Photos
Автор: Jenni Bidner
Издательство: Union Square
ISBN: 1600592694
Год: 2008
Формат: PDF
Страниц: 132
Размер: 100 MB
Язык: English

It's every photographer's dream: to take beautiful, high-quality portraits of family and friends. And with the multitude of easy techniques and tips provided by best-selling author and photographer Jenni Bidner, that goal's in sight. She provides an overview of the basics, including how to eliminate distracting backgrounds by decreasing depth of field, and modify the lighting, flash, or white balance settings to flatter your subject and diffuse facial flaws. You'll discover why changing the camera angle can make a huge difference in someone's appearance, how to place the subject using the rule of thirds, and how to arrange small groups for a big visual impact. Whether you're photographing children for a holiday card, capturing a friend's wedding, or taking snapshots to feed your scrapbooking hobby, these strategies will improve your results!

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