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A Photographic Guide to Birds of Southern Africa

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Название: A Photographic Guide to Birds of Southern Africa
Автор: I. Sinclair
Издательство: Struik Publishers
Год: 2004
Формат: pdf
Страниц: 128
Размер: 61 MB
Язык: English

This book has been designed with this in mind: the 260 species selected are not necessarily the most common in southern Africa but they are the conspicuous birds and thus likely to be encountered most frequently. These are the birds that you can expect to see on a day trip to the coast, or in a nature or game reserve. By using this book in the field you should be able to identify the bird you have seen or be able to deduce to which family the bird belongs and then later to identify the bird at home, using comprehensive books.

В справочнике представлены 260 видов птиц. Текст описывает комбинацию признаков, которые позволят наиболее легко идентифицировать птицу.

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