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Frank Lloyd Wright: From Within Outward

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Название: Frank Lloyd Wright: From Within Outward
Автор(ы): Margo Stipe, Joseph M. Siry, Richard Cleary, Neil Levine, Mina Marefat
Издательство: Skira Rizzoli
Год: 2009
ISBN-13: 978-0847832620
Страниц: 364
Язык: English
Формат: PDF HQ
Размер: 292 MB

Одно из самых полных изданий архитектурной графики Ф. Л. Райта. Большое количество планов, разрезов, фасадов, отмывок и архивных фотографий. Включает редкие материалы по Багдадскому проекту и др.
Frank Lloyd Wright: From Within Outward features a lifetime of achievement by this titan of American architecture through newly commissioned contemporary photography, archival photography, and wonderfully detailed drawings of more than 200 projects, including such masterworks as the S. C. Johnson & Sons Administration Building in Wisconsin, the Guggenheim Museum in New York, and Taliesin West, Wright’s desert home in Arizona, as well as less-known projects designed for Baghdad, Iraq, and beyond. The book is richly accompanied by authoritative text from some of the most important Frank Lloyd Wright scholars and writers at work today, and presents a timely reevaluation of the work and life of Frank Lloyd Wright within the context of social spaces, in the spirit of the exhibition.

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