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Название: Day Trading with ChatGPT: Test the Power of AI for Stock Market Predictions
Автор: Saskia Adler
Издательство: GitforGits
Год: 2023
Страниц: 106
Язык: английский
Формат: pdf, epub, mobi
Размер: 10.2 MB

'Day Trading with ChatGPT' is an experimentation guide that explores how the powerful AI language model ChatGPT can be utilized for day trading signals in the stock market. This pioneering book aims to give readers a hands-on experience and a comprehensive understanding of how to experiment with ChatGPT for better decision-making before considering it a trading tool.

The author takes a critical approach, emphasizing the strengths and limitations of using ChatGPT in trading. As you journey through the pages, you'll discover the AI's impressive abilities to analyze historical data, address financial prompts, and offer decision-making input while acknowledging the potential pitfalls of relying solely on AI-driven analysis.

The book's objective is not to advocate for ChatGPT as the ultimate trading solution but to objectively examine its potential and limitations in the financial world. The author subtly highlights their skepticism, encouraging readers to approach the technology with a discerning eye and always to corroborate AI-generated insights with their research and expertise.

This book is advised for everyone to read, for everyone who wants to make quick analysis of stock trading, and who dont wish to subscribe analytical platforms for stock analysis. This book can also be enjoyed by all those who are under a dilemma if ChatGPT can really do intelligent analysis on stocks and make predictions.

Codes Usage:
Are you in need of some helpful code examples to assist you in your programming and documentation? Look no further! Our book offers a wealth of supplemental material, including code examples and exercises.

Key Learnings:
Discover how ChatGPT can analyze historical data for trading insights.
Learn to leverage ChatGPT's ability to address financial prompts.
Enhance decision-making with AI-driven input in day trading.
Understand the importance of combining AI with human expertise.
Explore the benefits and limitations of AI in financial analysis.
Master the use of technical indicators with ChatGPT's guidance.
Develop a critical approach to AI-generated trading insights.
Improve your trading strategies by incorporating AI tools.
Gain a comprehensive understanding of ChatGPT's capabilities.
Learn to navigate the financial world with AI-assisted decision-making.


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