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Fashion Focus Woman Knitwear - Issue 4 - Spring-Summer 2017

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Название: Fashion Focus Woman Knitwear - Issue 4 - Spring-Summer 2017
Год / месяц:2017
Номер: Spring-Summer
Формат: pdf
Страниц: 132
Размер: 51 Mb

The title is entirely dedicated to the proposals of knitting for her; a collection of all the models presented
by leading international designers during the fashion week in Milan, Paris, New York and London, which is accompanied
by a fashion show images zoom in on details, the most innovative processes, the points and the color choices.
· NEW! Index to instantly find photos of all the designers published by name and the page number
Fashion Focus Knitwear Woman 128 pages that include only garments knitted woman, from the top to the total look
· Maximum output timeliness versus competitors titles
· A complete overview from the catwalks of Milan, Paris, London, New York, with entries from Berlin shows, Barcelona,
Sydney, Sao Paulo, Copenhagen, Stockholm

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